Volunteer Opportunities:



This is ideal for individuals with strong communication skills. Interpreters in the butterfly room will engage guests in all there is to experience, give butterfly release presentations and educate. Interpreters will also educate in the Science Center talking about the reptiles and amphibians, importance of the rainforest and give critter presentations to engage guests!

Interpreters will receive training to be able to educate guests about everything within the exhibits.

Must be able to withstand high humidity and temperatures of 80 degrees/ 80% humidity for butterfly room. Must be willing to handle reptiles in Science Center.


Husbandry Volunteer:

This is ideal for individuals with an interest in husbandry and the care and education of reptiles and amphibians. Volunteers work to learn about general care and work alongside our professional staff to clean enclosures and assist.

Must be comfortable handling reptiles and cleaning enclosures.


Gardener Volunteer:

This is ideal for individuals with a passion for plants and conservation. Volunteer will receive light training on tending Monarch garden outside, assisting with watering in the butterfly aviary, etc.

Must be able to lift at least 20 pounds and work on hot and humid conditions.


Customer Volunteer:

This is ideal for individuals with the heart of a servant and strong communication skills! Walk around and visit with guests, offer to take photos for guests so mom can be in the picture too! 

Interested in Volunteering with us? Call us at 417-332-2231 or email [email protected] 

The Butterfly Palace